21-Day Habit Changing MINDFUL COMMUNICATION TRAINING, Bangor 14.02.15

This 21 day training helps you to establish a new habit in your life – a habit of mindful connection with oneself and others. It initiates the changes in the way you perceive the world and therefore the way you respond to the challenges in life. It encourages you to pay attention, to notice and to appreciate whatever you are confronted with. The training gives us the tools and techniques that help to remain mindful in the way we communicate our needs and hear the needs of others. This more effective communication becomes a harmonious exchange which enriches our lives. In fact, each day we feel just a little bit richer… read more

where: Friends Meeting House, Dean Street, LL57 1UR, BANGOR

when: 14th February and 7th March 2015

time: 10:00am – 6:00pm

for more information contact: Pati Bielak at p@communicationskill.org