Mindfulness in Communication, Leigh-on-Sea 27.09.15

For communication to work we need to make sure that the message sent is the message received. However, what we mean, what we say and what is being heard are often three different things! We tend to notice ‘communication’ when it goes wrong and when it stops flowing. This is a great opportunity to discover just how much communication impacts on our lives. Communication is powerful, and by learning how to use it skilfully, we could bring more aliveness and flow to our daily interactions with people… But also bring it to our inner lives – to discover the power of mind in peace.Would you like to know how to express yourself skilfully? Would you like to learn how to deliver difficult feedback in a constructive way? Or perhaps you would like to be able to receive feedback easily and not become defensive?

This workshop is based on Nonviolent Communication principles and is a way of bringing harmony, mutual understanding and peace of mind into your life.

where: Fishermen’s Chapel, Leigh on Sea, Essex

when: 27th September 2015

time: 10am – 5pm

for more information contact: Stephanie Hair stephair@phonecoop.coop


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