galeria-portretPati Bielak, MA

is an internationally certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) with Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

Work experience

Pati has developed and facilitated Nonviolent Communication training programs with staff and parents in faith-based schools. (2010, 2013-2014)

She has run regular professional training development workshops and trained over 2000 customer service employees in anger management and effective client communication – for CASTORAMA, Kingfisher Group. (2009-2013)

Trainer with Amnesty International Project ‘Education for Human Dignity’ (2011)

Provided team-building training for social change and ecologically focused NGOs (2010, 2014)

Trainer with several EU projects, including:

‘Together against violence’ project – training for police officers, social workers, psychologists, lawyers and judges. A Project implemented by Family Support Centre in partnership with the Institute for Social Policy and International Relations. (2011)

‘Pro-active 50+’ – A project devoted to improvement of motivation, as well as social and communication skills for women over 50 (2009)

Education and training

In 2003 Pati completed her Masters in Philosophy. She is currently writing a Ph.D.

She began her NVC training in 2006. She has trained with Life at Work (UK), Gina Lawrie (UK), Miki Kashtan, PhD (USA) and more recently with Kirsten Kirstensen from Communication for Life (Denmark). Has done thorough mindfulness meditation training with Shenpen Hookham, PhD (UK) and Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD (USA).

Has trained in dementia awareness and anxiety management for the elderly with Miracle Workers Care Agency.


Pati is from Poland, where she is involved in educational programs. Currently she is based in North Wales, United Kingdom, where she lives with her partner.

Her work takes her throughout Europe.

Her background is in the Arts (has Post Graduate Higher Diploma in theatre group facilitation) – she has run many workshops exploring verbal and non-verbal expression. Is experienced in managing group dynamic in international context. Created performances in international projects, including European Commission’s award winning ‘Préjugés et réalités’ project in 2004 Nancy, France.

Working style (from the participants’ perspective)

The thing I remember the most from the workshop was positive atmosphere and good contact with the group. I’ve learned better ways of dealing with difficult situations; new perspective and new way of looking at the clients” A customer service employee

The workshop was very experiential so I could use theory in practice and systematise my knowledge. Pati has created atmosphere of openness and introduced clear rules, so it was easy for us to connect with one another and express easily what we were working on.

Pati was very natural and authentic and at the same time she didn’t take over the whole group with her presence. She was there for every participant and made sure each one of us felt ‘important’.” A school teacher

I loved experiencing Pati’s teaching, she seemed quite at ease, and totally confident of her material. She also ‘looked after’ all levels of familiarity with NVC and everyone’s needs. She kept everyone involved and absorbed, often splitting us into groups, which helped those who didn’t know the others. She used the time very well too.” A therapist

kirsten_ny Kirsten Kirstensen

is a therapist, mediator and internationally certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) with Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)

She has worked for 20 years with economics and production planning, along with taking trainings in self-development and meditation, and since 1994 she is devoting her working life to support others in personal development. In 1998 she met Marshall Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and found that NVC was adding a very deep and life changing dimension to her life and work as a therapist.

Kirsten lives in Denmark where she has worked with school teachers, HR and mentoring teams in Municipality and published books in Danish. She also offers regular training internationally, for Social Welfare Organisation in Norway and Healing Centre in Germany. She was part of the Healing and Reconciliation initiatives in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Number of times has been co-leading CNVC’s International Intensive Training (Poland and India). She serves as a consultant and supervisor for institutions and organisations (including the Shrimala Trust in UK).

Her areas of focus are: conflict resolution and mediation, Inner Dialogue, grieving and healing processes, anger transformation, mentoring skills.



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