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MINDFUL Communication

21-Day Habit Changing PROGRAM


This 21 day training will help you establish a new habit in your life – a habit of mindful connection with yourself and others. It will initiate the changes in the way you perceive the world and therefore the way you respond to the challenges in life. It will encourage you to pay attention, to notice and to appreciate whatever you are confronted with. It will give you tools and techniques that help you to remain mindful in the way we communicate our needs and hear the needs of others. This more effective communication becomes a harmonious exchange which enriches our lives. In fact, each day we feel just a little bit richer…

the training involves:

Each day you will be asked to

do a mental exercise (to train your mind to be more flexible)

or to reflect (to assimilate new perspectives into your thinking patterns)

or to initiate a conversation you have never had before (to establish a new habit).

You will be given a workbook that will guide you through the 21 days. The task for each day should take you 15min (unless you get fascinated and carried away…)

Focused on the meeting

The training will begin and end with a group workshop. At the beginning you will get to know the people who will be following the same training as you – and you will get together again at the end to see how it went for you. The workshops will familiarise you with a new approach to communication based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. This initial practical training in emotional intelligence and the awareness of needs will start you off on a process of deepening your understanding of communication. We will be working on examples from real life which you will bring with you. The final workshop will be built upon the experience you’ve gained over the course of 20 days.There will be 6 -16 people in a group. The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 6pm. There will be breaks for tea&coffee and lunch (drinks and light refreshments available, lunch is not provided).

21 Day Habit Changing Training in Aberystwyth

when: Saturday 7th and Saturday 28th February 2015, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

where: Arts Centre Chapel, Penglais Campus, ABERYSTWYTH UNIVERSITY

21 Day Habit Changing Training in Bangor

when: Saturday 14th February and Saturday 7th March 2015, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

where: Friends Meeting House, Dean Street, LL57 1UR, BANGORgaleria-portret

Pati Bielak, MA, an internationally certified communication trainer, will be facilitating both group workshops. She is also going to be available for an individual coaching session, which you can arrange for the weeks when there isn’t a group workshop taking place. Such a session is to help you to discover your needs and ways of meeting them. The session lasts up to 30min and is organised on Skype or phone.

you will get:

21 Day Habit Changing workbook, 2 day-long group workshops,1 coaching session

fee: £120 full rate

limited bursaries available for students and the unemployed (apply by email)

Can join us only for one day? It is possible to come only for the first day of the training. Fee for one day workshop: £60

book now

booking: to ensure your place please pay the deposit of £20 by 30th January to register for Aberystwyth and 6th February for Bangor.

by cheque to: KP BIELAK, Ynys Graianog, Ynys, Criccieth, Gwynedd LL52 0NT

or online banking to: KP BIELAK, HSBC bank, account: 31824562, sort code: 40-37-13

The remaining balance of £100 is due by the first day of the training.

Bursaries and payment by instalments are possible and arranged on individual basis. Feel free to ask, if you need it.


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